a s l / peace and stress ep [HH002]
2001 April -- 1000 CD eps -- running time 46:47

Voidcore lesson one: Four extended tracks featuring broad soundscapes, deep bass, and beats of varying severities. The richness of this disc lies mainly with the texture of the sounds. This music conjures neither feelings of joy or pain, but rather a meditative clarity and focus. For enthusiasts of ambient, abstract minimal drum n bass, "leftfield," and accessible noise. The last track is sample-heavy subliminal culture-jamming.


a s l / party favor µcass [HH001]
1999 December -- 50 microcassettes -- running time 60:00

An hour of extremely minimal beats designed especially for the microcassette player-recorder with internal speaker. Turns your lecture-breaks into breakbeats. Extremely SICK breakbeats. Fun with models featuring pitch control. Intro to voidcore.