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  Update: 2009-10-29, 2009-11-19

Peter Wong of asl performs on two dates as part of the Sound Culture with Mills College series at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.



  Update: 2008-02-19

Fan Vid: toodlestoodles used asl's "020306" as the soundtrack to his mini-MV, Waiting for Ms. Scott.



  Update: 2005-05-07

On Saturday May 7th, space_mike spins at EZ5 in San Francisco Chinatown. TO THE OTHER SIDE will feature a quality selection of electronic music (almost all house) suitable for lounging and dancing.


  Update: 2003-09-27

Hapahaus ambient superstars 400 boys performed at APAture 2003. The mp3 is up on our sound page. As one member of the audience put it, "Finally, they get to make as much noise as they want !!"


  Update: 2003-05-24

asl has been given full creative reign over his own subdomain: asl.hapahaus.com. Check it.


  About hapahaus

Hapahaus is a fledgling micro-label. Our releases so far have been voidcore, asl's trademark flavor of IDM (listen !!), but house and indypop offerings are in the works. Hapahaus is all over the San Francisco bay area, with artists in Berkeley, SF, and Oakland.

We support peace.



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